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Beckwith-wiedemann Children's Foundation international

Helping families one child at a time

Our mission is to provide valuable information about BWS from the initial diagnosis throughout the child’s life. 
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Who we are

Beckwith-Wiedemann Children’s Foundation Int’l (BWCFI) has been educating and assisting families diagnosed with BWS since 1998. Our mission is to provide correct information about BWS – at the initial diagnosis and throughout the child’s life.

BWCFI’s primary purpose is to provide educational and reference resources for families and individuals diagnosed with BWS. However, we can provide some of the following additional services as requested to families on an “as-needed” basis:

  • Travel assistance for BWS-related surgeries

  • Referral to physicians, professionals and medical facilities experienced with BWS.

  • Financial Grants (based on financial need and on an individual basis)

  • Help with insurance claim denial for BWS-related claim

Please contact us if we can help you with any of the subjects above or if there is something not listed that concerns you and your family.

BWCFI Free dvd

Our FREE BWS DVD covers all the major aspects of BWS from doctors, patients, and others experienced in the treatment of BWS, and is available at no cost. This DVD has been made possible by a donor that continues to fund the project by providing free worldwide postage. Fill out our contact form to request your copy. DVDs are mailed out each month.

Please enter your address to request your DVD:

Thanks for reaching out! We will contact you soon. 

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