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BWS specialists

(Depending on the region where you live, some of these physicians may be interchangeable.)

  • Cardiology

    • heart issues and for an annual EKG

  • Craniofacial/Plastic surgeon

    • for issues regarding the tongue size or lip/tongue frenums, skull deformities, hemangiomas

  • Dental

    • to evaluate bite if abnormal.  Should see annually once teeth erupt

  • Endocrinology

    • for blood sugar issues, growth issues that require hormones, thyroid 

  • ENT

    • airway concerns, hearing concerns

  • General Surgeon

    • Omphalocele, hernia, testicular issue

  • Genetics

    • if you suspect your child has BWS or genetic disorder

  • Immunology

    • chronic sickness to look at the immune system

  • Nephrology

    • kidney stones (MSK)

  • Oncology/Hematology

    • for cancer screenings or suspicion of cancer

  • Orthopedist

    • limb discrepancies (length, girth) scoliosis

  • Orthodontist

    • bite abnormality, jaw issues – usually consults around age 8

  • OT/Lactation Consultant

    • Breast feeding

  • Pulmonology

    • sleep issues (sleep apnea), chronic cough

  • Urology

    • any bladder issues (retention or bed wetting)

  • Speech Therapist

    • language development/delays, oral stimulation

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